What’s better than this

I had some time over the July 4th weekend, so I decided to ride my bike from my apartment in Boston to Montreal, a city I had never been to. I had never done a solo bike tour before, and was fairly nervous about my first time doing this. The trip didn’t entirely go to plan, but was a blast, and got me excited to do more trips like this through the summer.

For way too long, I’ve been telling myself that I would maintain a personal site, where I would provide links to projects, and occasionally write some garbage. I initially set up a Wordpress site, but it’s irritating to try and customize the page. I found myself digging into documentation of how to write widgets, just generally got frustrated, and had no desire to become a WordPress expert. I could have switched over to squarespace, which would have served my purposes well, but wanted to get a little better at CSS, and control the design of my page. I already had a personal server and domain name, so figured I would move it over to a static site generator.

I’ve done a little house cleaning in the last six months!

I told myself I would read more in 2016. Overall, I failed miserably. So I’m going to take to my website and post this list, so that next year I can come back and post a much more comprehensive list. Burn in hell 2016!